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Cookie Helper

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Milk and Cookie Lover's Favorite Invention

Being the avid cookie connoisseur that I am, when I saw this little plastic hook on Pinterest, I immediately started hyperventilating. Oreos happen to be my favorite cookie, and this little helper hook to make dunking easier is ingenious. Lay Oreo on top of the hook and it creates a stand you can dunk your cookie for as long as your heart desires without dropping it or freezing your fingers off! Cookies and milk are my favorite meal of all-time, so I will definitely be looking for this in stores.


Family Birthdays Chart

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Family Birthday Chart

I always struggle remembering my cousins/grandparents/great aunt’s birthdays, so I thought this chart was ingenious. JFMAMJJASOND runs across the top to represent the months in the year, and you can use bottle caps or painted wooden checker pieces, to hang the name of the person and the day of the month that their birthday is. If you have a steady hand, this can turn out adorable. Hang in a laundry room or pantry so it becomes a constant reminder. Love it!