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Cookie Helper

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Milk and Cookie Lover's Favorite Invention

Being the avid cookie connoisseur that I am, when I saw this little plastic hook on Pinterest, I immediately started hyperventilating. Oreos happen to be my favorite cookie, and this little helper hook to make dunking easier is ingenious. Lay Oreo on top of the hook and it creates a stand you can dunk your cookie for as long as your heart desires without dropping it or freezing your fingers off! Cookies and milk are my favorite meal of all-time, so I will definitely be looking for this in stores.


Change of Heart– Cookie Mold

Today, I had a change of heart.  My love for pinterest has replaced my love for blogging about the team I spend 24/7 with. It turns out, if I blogged about every day of danz activity, I’d be repeating myself alot. So! Now i’m going to find something super sweet from pinterest that I wish I would have thought to come up with.


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Cookie Cups for ice cream sundaes

Cookies happen to be my favorite food group, so when I found this picture on pinterest, I instantly loved it.   

Take a muffin pan and flip it upside down. Wrap the baking cup with cookie dough and bake at normal cookie-making temperatures. When it’s done, you are left with cookie cup molds that can be used to hold ice cream or fruit!

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