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Future Possibilites

To be completely honest, I have pretty much no idea what my future is going to look like. As of right now, I only have a few things planned.

First, I plan on staying at Liberty for my senior year, and continuing to dance.

Then, I want to attend University of Oklahoma (booommmerrr sooneerrr!!!) for four years and get a degree in a completely undecided major. Seriously though, it could wind up being education or nursing  or broadcasting or  business administration–  I have too many interests. And I am yet again uPinned Imagendecided on whether I would like to dance at the collegiate level or ‘rush’ to join a sorority. As for career and future lifestyle, it all depends on my major.

I love big cities and being close to the people I love, hopefully my future job will take me to a place that has both of those! Ultimately, my goal is to become wealthy enough where I can live on some beach, somewhere, for the remainder of my life! But. My planning doesn’t really matter, because I know God’s plan will surpass all of my own expectations!

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2 responses to “Future Possibilites

  1. MZ says:

    sounds so rad you go girl rock on!!!!!! B00M3R S00|\|3R and if for some random reason you don’t get wealthy enough ill let you live at my beach house. its gonna be in hilton head fyi so start looking at beach bikes. and they have alligators so start over coming your fear

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