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After School Snack

After School Snack Idea

A quick after school snack idea is these roll up pizzas! The recipe includes all premade ingredients: pepperoni, mozzerella sticks, and crescent roll dough. Lay the cheese and pepperoni on the dough and roll it up. Bake for 15 minutes.

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Happy Easter

Easter was really fun this year! The theme of Cross Exam this year was “repentance” and it really spoke to me. I edited a sunrise picture on photoshop and added the cross. God’s love is so powerful! I love the verse, too!

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Reusing that old dishwasher

Next time that dishwasher breaks down, before you replace it, save the rack! They can be used for storage under your bed. Its the perfect dimensions for storing old books or even as a basket for shoes. The tiny wheels and short height provide easy access for things that need to be kept out of sight.

Reduce, Reuse, Recyle!
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“Hershey’s” Kiss

Homemade Hershey Kiss






In honor of Valentine’s day, I found a cute little gift you can give out with your valentines. It looks like one of the giant Hershey’s chocolate kisses, but it is actually a giant rice krispie treat. To make the rice krispie part, simply melt marshmallows in a pot and stir rice krispie cereal in to create the treat. Then take a funnel and line the inside with tinfoil, and fill with the rice krispie. Fold over the tinfoil to close up the treat and add a tag for personalization!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Waterslide Closet

Closet Waterslide!

This decorating idea is seriously unreal. In the bonus room above the indoor pool, there is a waterslide in a closet. This slide emptys into the indoor pool downstairs! Ingenious design– if you have a big enough house and an indoor pool, I highly suggest you install this!

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Toaster Messages

Note Toaster

On this cute, tiny toaster, you can write messages on the top of the toaster and it imprints onto the bread as it toasts!  Can be used for lunch-time messages or daily reminders. Write a Bible verse to share the Word! Can be found at Runs at around $50.
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Cookie Helper

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Milk and Cookie Lover's Favorite Invention

Being the avid cookie connoisseur that I am, when I saw this little plastic hook on Pinterest, I immediately started hyperventilating. Oreos happen to be my favorite cookie, and this little helper hook to make dunking easier is ingenious. Lay Oreo on top of the hook and it creates a stand you can dunk your cookie for as long as your heart desires without dropping it or freezing your fingers off! Cookies and milk are my favorite meal of all-time, so I will definitely be looking for this in stores.


Ribbon Organizer

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Ribbon Organizer

On Pinterest, I found an innovated idea to organize ribbon. Place the spools of ribbon through a rod. This rod can go through the holes in the side of the plastic organizing bin.  The ends of the ribbon can poke out through the holes of the bin. This can keep ribbon from unrolling and getting tangled! Great idea for craft rooms or classrooms. 🙂

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Family Birthdays Chart

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Family Birthday Chart

I always struggle remembering my cousins/grandparents/great aunt’s birthdays, so I thought this chart was ingenious. JFMAMJJASOND runs across the top to represent the months in the year, and you can use bottle caps or painted wooden checker pieces, to hang the name of the person and the day of the month that their birthday is. If you have a steady hand, this can turn out adorable. Hang in a laundry room or pantry so it becomes a constant reminder. Love it!


Sheep Cupcakes!

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Sheep cupcakes-- too cute!!

On Pinterest today, I found sheep cupcakes!! They are an adorable idea for baby showers, Easter parties, etc. Take normal cupckaes, and use miniature marshmallows to make the sheep’s fur. Grape and pink jellybeans make up the feet and the ears of the sheep! So sweet!!